interrupting & harmonizing our relationship to the outer world & embodying the inner/
investigating, sharing, & cultivating new modes of being/

to wind, that is ecstatic;
witnessing movement within our selves and others/
to mediate in autonomy, authentically, interlaced & dripping,
connecting fingertips/

Photo by Doug Coombe

Photo by Doug Coombe

"The body is the target of infinite demands— some sharp; they jab us traumatically. Others accumulate gradually, noxiously, wearing us down, on a register that is unseen, unspoken, and unaccounted for— psycho-cellular rather than overt or linguistic. This means that, when and if the body retaliates, it should seek revenge and freedom on this psycho-cellular level first and foremost, rather than in words or the courts of reason, where it usually retains the false appearance of liberty. And when and if the body wishes to heal itself, and molt the weight of its scarred layers, it should do so in its own terminology.

The exorcises to the left- manifest the demands made upon bodies— by systems, culture, families, lovers, unthinking by-standers. Caricatures of biopower— into patients, data-points, dolls,— until a breaking point, at which we lash out and our bodies revolt in both exhaustion and emancipation, as a kind of psychosis or a physical narration of emotions. Playing out new relations between bodies, in search of connection and in forms of radical, sometimes violent, intimacy. In a language of movement alone, we feel and we ask: What controls you? What hurt you?  How can you move beyond it? What would you rather? And how does a body want to move when it’s no longer looked upon simply as an object, tool or target?"