BIGGER than you

A Fluct+ performance & installation
Premiered for Artsy Projects Miami, December 7th, 2017


"FlucT, the performance collective directed by artists Sigrid Lauren and Monica Mirabile, presented a new work BIGGER than you choreographing bodies in violent and intimate intersection, flailing and freaking out to an erratic sample-heavy soundtrack. At the piece’s end, the cast together mouthed the words along to a distorted audio clip “culture is not your friend” — an excerpt from a lecture by ethnobotanist Terence McKenna, it’s also a cautionary moral one could apply to the love story between art and real estate and a refutation to any flat universalizing of creativity as inherently benevolent. But FlucT illustrated a cathartic call to action as well, one especially relevant amidst the absurdities of an adult playground on a doomed island where condos and paintings are flipped like poker chips. The dancers embraced each other as another clip sounded out over the speakers, “It is not our job to fix a broken system but to replace it.”

- Whitney Mallet for Topical Cream 2017